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    Leading C in string makes QlikView interpret the value as an integer

      Dear all


      I have a very weird issue I my document I can't solve. I am performing a load with five distinct IDs to map them to same values. But QlikView interprets those five IDs as only three distinct IDs. I figured out, that the problem is a leading C in the string. All strings leading with a C are interpreted as an integer value (e.g. CH123 is interpreted as 123, C123 as 123). The weird think is, that when I load a large flat table with 30000+ rows, this behaviour cannot be reproduced. Thus, in one load QlikView interprets CH123 as 123, in another load (but in the same document) QlikView interprets CH123 as CH123.


      The main problem is, that due to this behaviour I cannot perform joins or mapping in my data when the ID start with an C (as I am working in Switzerland, CHxyz is a very common identifier for a business unit / legal entity).


      Of course, there are work arounds like temporarily replacing all C's with another character to join data. But as I wish to understand why QlikView is behaving like this, I hope anyone can help me?


      Load * Inline [

            FieldID, FieldValue

            CH123, CH123 Wert

            H123, H123 Wert

            123, 123 Wert

            C123, C123 Wert

            DE123, DE123 Wert



      When creating a pivot table, you expect something like this:

      CH123CH123 Wert
      H123H123 Wert
      123123 Wert
      C123C123 Wert
      DE123DE123 Wert

      But I get the following pivot as a result.


      You can see, that CH123 is aligned right while the other values are correctly aligned left. This results from the following setting:

      Pivot properties -> Presentation tab -> Alignment -> Data (Numeric): Right

      Pivot properties -> Presentation tab -> Alignment -> Data (Test): Left