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    QlikView administration

    Friedrich Hofmann

      Hi all,


      I am facing the following dilemma (I became acutely aware of it just these days as we were having major server issues, which led us to finally update QV_Server and which we have luckily been able to resolve)

      - I am QlikView_developer and QlikView_designer in this company - and the only full-time employee in charge of QlikView - there is

         one colleague who also does it, but he's actually member of a different team, so he has little time for QlikView.

      - Officially, QlikView is not supported by our IT (a rule our local IT_guys have to comply with though it was made further up)

      => none of our local IT_guys has any training in QlikView_administration.


      => The chances are that, in the future at least, I as main_responsible for QlikView at this site, will be expected to take on administrative tasks as well - QlikView-related only of course.

      <=> The issue is, I don't as yet have any access to the Server ;-) Maybe I will at least get access to the QlikView_logs, though, which,
               in the course of updating, we moved away from the Server's C_drive to a different one.

      - There do not seem to be any trainings in administration in Germany - anyway, anything further than Munich would be a problem
         since money is always an issue here.


      => Are there any particular books or materials that you could recommend to me to learn a bit about QlikView_administration?

      - I have already thought of installing either the Governance_Dashboard or the System_monitor and, once I have the access to the
         logs, without which they are not going to work anyway, I'll take half a day or so to configure and study them.

      - I also have the ebook "QlikView Server and Publisher"

      Are there any other materials, other than the QlikCommunity, that you could recommend to me to that end?

      Thanks a lot!


      Best regards,



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          Ashfaq Mohammed

          Hi datanibbler


          Apart from QlikView Server/Publisher  reference manual,

          You can go through the attached free training.

          Consider taking official training from Qlik.


          And follow Qlik Community.


          There might be other books available.





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            Colin Albert

            Hi DataNibbler,


            You already have Stephen Redmond's book QlikView Server & Publisher which is written from real-world experience and not simply a reworking of the server reference manual. This is the best practical resource on Server and Publisher currently available. The only improvement on the e-book would be to upgrade to the printed version, as reading off paper is always better than on-screen.


            The bottom line is that to administer QlikView server you need access to the server, other wise you are working with one hand tied behind your back. Can you escalate the issues you have raised here to your manager or higher?


            You basically have two options -

            • Persuade your management / IT management that you need access to the QlikView server to be able to administer the system.
            • Otherwise persuade the IT management that the IT team will need some QlikView Server training to take on the administration of QlikView.
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                Friedrich Hofmann

                Hi Colin,


                I totally agree with you rgd. the need for server_access to do administration ;-) It's a bit of an impossible thing, and crystal_balls are so expensive nowadays ;-)

                I have an eReader with E_Ink display, that comes about as close to reading off paper as you can go without actually having the book - which is quite handy, paper is quite heavy actually...

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                    Friedrich Hofmann

                    Hi Colin,


                    now I finally have access to the QlikView-related logs on the server - and some problem to go with it ;-)



                    I would like to ask now which of the tools available via the QlikCommunity is most likely to work, given what I have.

                    Then I will install that and take a day or two next week to configure and study it.

                    - On one level of the server that I see, there are a number of "Shares" - not actual folders, some of the Shares are

                       on a different drive even.

                      (one of them is where all our QlikView-work is actually being done and one is where we store our backup files)

                    - There is now one Share called "QlikView_Logs" - the folder is actually one level "higher" on the server - the folder

                       "QlikView_logs" is on the E-drive of the server and the level I can see is E/QV_syncreon

                    - Inside this share, I can see two folders: "DistributionService" and "QlikViewServer" - with all the subfolders.


                    I know that in some cases, it could be helpful to review the Windows_event_logs for anything QlikView-related, but I don't have access to those.


                    Thanks a lot!


                    Best regards,