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    Configuration questions

      Hi, these questions are from client. These are all default settings but the client wants to know WHY. Can you help me with detailed explanation? Thanks!


      1. What should be node interleaving setting in BIOS? Enabled or Disabled?


      Client response: This is related to QVS HW settings section which states: Since 11.2 SR2: QVS is defaulted to an automated state that detects NUMA status and set EnableNumaRoundRobin setting in accordance to recommendations.


      It seems we can leave Interleaving to whatever value and QVS will set EnableNumaRoundRobin accordingly. But I wanted to confirm form vendor


      2.       IQVS_<name> is created when QVS first started. If the machine in question is a domain server, the anonymous account is created as a domain account. If not, it is created as a local machine account.

      QlikView Server Reference Manual_ENG page 71


      Would it require Domain Admin credentials for installer Account?


      Client response: Domain Admin access is not given to any account so I wanted to know how IQVS_name account will be created automatically.


      3.       Please explain what is meant by "TCP/IP network access" “Required”? QlikView Server Pre-Installation Checklist.doc


      Client response: you are right, this is generic, but that what confused me why they explicitly mention it. Once a server is on the network and has an IP address it is good to go.