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    Iframe Integration Ticket Renewal

    Omer Demir



      I am integrating my qlikview document using document integration option. I've implemented the webticket functionality.

      The problem is; after session timeout, qlikview tries to reconnect with the "Lost connection to server" message, but after that It can not connect and encounters the following error:

      Failed to open document, you don;t have access to this document.

      If I refresh the page manually, then it gets a new webticket and shows the document.

      In the demo applications listed on qlik.com similar issue ends with a page postback and document reloads safely.


      In my Asp.Net application, I get the webticket using Webticket.aspx, but when session timeout, the page needs to refresh automatically. Because when it refreshes it gets the ticket without a problem.


      So How can I understand ticket expiration and let the page refresh ?

      And any other suggestions you can make..