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    EBIExperts and Always One Selected Value

      When using a version control tool like EBIExperts that stores the application without data you lose the "Always One Selected Value" property if it was checked foe list boxes and multi boxes.   Does anyone have a solution around this specific to EBIExperts?  I know I can put a trigger on open but I would hate to have to do that on all the applications?   


      Thanks in advance.

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          I believe what you are referring to is that you would manually remove the data before uploading the file in the repository for deployments in QA or PROD environments (as it doesnt make sense to move files with the data as they would be reloaded once deployed anyways),is that correct.

          If thats the case I always load like 10 records in the DM and when I do a binary load on the FE(which has Always one selected) it will eventually have only 10 records(and the file size would be very less) and you wont lose that feature.


          Edit: We use Tortoise SVN just an FYI and thats how I handle it