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    What is difference between QlikView Next and Sense

    Villyee Anderson

      Hi Community,


      Could any one please explain me, What is difference between QlikView Next and QlikView Sense




      Both of them are same??


      -- Thanks and Regards,

      Villyee Anderson

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          vishal waghole

          Hi Villyee,



          What is Qlik Sense Desktop?

          This is the first public release of Qlik Sense. The Desktop edition is what has been referred to as the "Personal Edition" historically.

          Where can I download Qlik Sense Desktop?

          Qlik Sense Desktop can be downloaded at it's own dedicated Qlik Sense Desktop download page.


          Is this QlikView.Next?

          No, Qlik Sense Desktop is the first release of the new generation of the Qlik Software Suite; Qlik Sense. QlikView.Next was the working name for this project.


          How can I get Qlik Sense technical Support?

          Qlik Support will not provide support on Qlik Sense Desktop. There are however forums dedicated to Qlik Sense Desktop on Qlik Community. Qlik representatives will help you with questions around Qlik Sense Desktop through the discussion forum.


          Is Qlik Sense Desktop Supported under maintenance?

          Qlik Sense Desktop is a free and unlicensed product, and therefore has no maintenance agreement.


          How do I create a case for Qlik Sense Desktop?

          Qlik Support does not accept cases for Qlik Sense Desktop, since it is not a supported product. Qlik Support will however be available to assist from Qlik Sense discussion forum.


          I've found an issue with Qlik Sense, how can I report this to Qlik?

          Support staff that are active in the QlikCommunity forum for Desktop will register bugs with our developers.



          What are the Qlik Sense Desktop system requirements?

          Please see the //community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-6926 document.

          Can I share apps created in Qlik Sense Desktop?

          Yes. There are no limitations in sharing applications between different installations/instances of Qlik Sense Desktop.

          Note: QVF files need to be located in a specific folder - C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Apps

          The folder cannot be a shared drive folder or a shared folder. Once a qvf is open, it is modified so other instances of the Desktop cannot open it or copy it.


          Can I install Qlik Sense Desktop on the same machine where QlikView 10 or 11 is installed?

          Yes, Qlik Sense Desktop and QlikView Developer 10 and 11 can coexist on the same machine.


          On what OS can I install Qlik Sense Desktop?

          This edition of Qlik Sense Desktop requires Windows Vista/7/8. It cannot be installed on server operating systems like Windows Server 2008 or 2012.


          Do I need a license to use Qlik Sense Desktop?

          No, it will not require a license.


          Does my instance of Qlik Sense Desktop ever expire?

          Yes, it will expire on December 31, 2014.


          What do I have to do after Qlik Sense Desktop expires on my machine?

          You will have to uninstall Qlik Sense Desktop. Your visualization apps will still work. There will be subsequent releases of Qlik Sense Desktop to replace this version.


          Will the apps I create in Qlik Sense Desktop expire too?

          No, they will not expire and can be moved to another, newer instance of Qlik Sense Desktop.


          What are the limitations in Qlik Sense Desktop?

          It is a desktop version of Qlik Sense, which means:

          • There is no server in this release
          • You can share your apps with other users if they are using Qlik Sense Desktop
          • Qlik Sense Desktop is hardcoded to expire at December 31, 2014.


          • Section Access is not supported - When loading a QlikView App with Section Access an error message will pop up
          • Hidden Script is not supported - Saving an App with hidden script will NOT save the hidden script - Data of hidden script will be lost in the next reload


          Can I copy my QlikView 11 documents (qvw) to Qlik Sense Desktop?

          Yes, but only limited parts (script) of your QlikView 11 documents will be able to convert into the Qlik Sense app (qvf) format.


          Can I open Qlik Sense Desktop App on my mobile device?

          No. Qlik Sense Desktop has no Server functionalities and it is not possible to connect to a Qlik Sense Desktop instance.


          Can I use Qlik Sense apps that were created in Qlik Sense Desktop also later in Qlik Sense (Server)?

          Qlik Sense Desktop apps can be saved as a local file (qvf) and then be imported into a licensed Qlik Sense server


          -- Regards,

          Vishal Waghole