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    Pivot table Quz

      Is it possible to display the value of dimension in case selecting show partial sum in case of Pivot table

      Ex:- Business have Retail,F&B, Lounge.My requirement is to display total label as Retail  total ,F&B total,Lounge total


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          Srikanth P

          Hi Shwetha, I believe Custom Name of Partial Sums is not doable directly with custom expression. There is one indirect way to do with "Dent" option. Please find the attached qvw for reference.


          Otherwise, Add the Rows 'Retail Total' to the filed and customize your expression with Dimensionality function. This little bit Tricky on scripting and UI as well.

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              Jonathan Poole

              I like the offerings from QlikView partners  like NPRINTING or CIA  for these sorts of grid displays. (EX: http://www.vizubi.com/nprinting).  The reason is that you can author the grid / pivot tables directly in Excel using the qlikview QVW and data as the source.  Excel has all the features that Qlik doesn't to customize a pivot table. But you can still generate the pivot table on demand from the QlikView dashboard. good luck.