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    Reconstructing a code

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I am trying to reconstruct the working of a code that has been written by a colleague of mine and a consultant over a year ago.

      (yes, this is the same issue as in my prior thread "Please tell me what this code does" where I already got some valuable help.

      Now it's time to get hands_on, I just ran the code and here is the first riddle:

      - The autogenerate-code (in the old version) obviously generates minute_intervals from 5:20am to 10:30pm, which is the total duration
         of one working day

      <=> Acc. to the log, there are 1711 records. Acc. to my calculator, there are 1710 minutes between those times - ok, the (+1) is
             mathematically necessary), but when i do a simple COUNT() of these minute_intervals, there are only 1031??

      Can you tell me why this is?

      Now I have introduced a RESIDENT LOAD and a Line_ID, and there are 1711 line_IDs just as it should be - and it's in 24h-format, so there are no duplicate timestamps.

      I'll try to find out with a tablebox.

      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,