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    Publisher not sending report as an attachment

      Hi Guys,


      I'm having trouble creating a task for QV Publisher to send my reports daily as an attachment. What I did so far is:


      1. I have configured mail server settings, so I receive test e-mails from QMC

      2. I created reports in my application and inline table with 'email' field (it currently contains only one value, with my e-mail address in it)

      3. I then created a task for mail sending with attachment - I followed instructions from QlikTech vid:



      Everything looks good... except that the report doesn't get sent and in the 'Status' tab, on task list I can see that Last Execution for this job is 'Never'. I'm clicking it to run and it doesn't starting at all.


      What I am missing?


      I'm attaching a collection of screenshots from my QMS to show all details of my job. I will be very thankfull for any help here.


      Thank you in advance.



      Best regards,