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    Qlikview -SAP

      I am new and have recently started development in Qlikview.Basically i am looking for creating reports ,dashboards from SAP.At present i donot have a SAP connector in place,so what i am doing is exporting the required tables in excel from SAP for practise.I am working on creditors aging report.What i observed is in SAP there is FM which calculates the due date.How will i do this in excel also wanted to know  using SAP connector howhis would work. I wnated to know whether i am on right direction or is there anything else i need to consider

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          s j

          You have to knock of credit amount against each and every debit amount based on first in first out manner .

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              Hi Sunil,

              Thanks for the response, can you elaborate more on what you have posted.

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                  s j

                  Hi Ashish,


                  I will suggest you to refer QlikView SAP Connector manual . I have broad details on QlikView SAP integration .

                  Still if you have any doubt , let me know .




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                      Matthias Steiling

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                  Yaniv Feldman

                  In order to get the Due Date you need to use a Function Module.

                  It may be used in the SAP BAPI Connector.


                  another option is to check if the Data is loaded to BW system (assuming you have BW in your company).

                  If yes, there may be a chance that the due date is written in the BW tables for the AR.


                  Otherwise, I don't see other options to calculate it properly.