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    Dynamically arrange objects on sheet?

      Hello everyone,


      I haven't been able to find the answer to this on google so I registered. I have a qlikview worksheet with a number of pivot tables. For policy reasons pivots must be used, and the layout of this worksheet is fixed (it has to replicate the existing excel file ). So I have for example my Average Wait Time table directly above the Average Handling Time pivot table. The tables have to be collapsed by default, to the highest level.


      Now, when I expand a category in Average Wait Time, it ends up overlapping and hiding Average Handling Time directly below. What I would like (if possible) is for the top table to "push" the lower tables down when it's expanded so that they are always all visible. Then when the user collapses the category, they roll back up to the original position. Basically disable "objects overlap" I guess.


      Afraid I can't easily post an example, I hope that my description is clear enough.




      thanks in advance,