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    Nested Aggregations and Drill Down Groups

    Matthew Bryant

      Hi All,


      Is it possible to perform different aggregations at different stages of a drill down group? I am working on a list of parts where the average price needs to be shown at the part level and the sum of the average price needs to be shown at the site level (the site that manufactured the parts. You can total an average at the bottom of the table when viewing the part level, but when you zoomed out to the site level I can only see how to show the average price of all parts manufactured on that site.


      The function I am using is basically avg(price). sum(avg(price)) breaks the column so I'm guessing Qlikview doesn't like nested aggregations. Is there a way around this?


      Required Result:


      Part Level:

      PartAvg Price


      Site Level:


      SiteTotal Price


      (A & B made in Lon, C made in Bham)