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    How to use a variable in LOAD statement?



      I want to load all my tables with a variable, so instead of the column names listed after the load statement I just want it to be a variable. That way I can load other tables and keep it running.


      Example (Currently being loaded like this below, with database info and column name being pulled through a variable from a excel file)


      There are multiple tabs and I Concatenate to MyTableName, and it works fine with using a variable for the database in the connection string.






           NameOfFirstColumn as Column1

           NameOfSecondColumn as Column2

           NameOfThirdColumn as Column3

           NameOfFourthColumn as Column4



      SELECT * FROM blank;


      But what I want to do is.. for example


      LET vLoadColumns ()?








      SELECT * FROM blank;


      Just like the variable for database cycles through the databases I want the data that is pulled after load to be stored in a variable and use that same variable to keep Concatenating MyTableName:


      Please let me know if you need more clarification.