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    Visualizing relationships

      Hi, I'm just wondering if it possible to visualize the below scenario and if so how best to go about it.


      OK, so I will have an excel spreadsheet with 3 columns. It has a reference ID, and then the source system and the end system.


      Trn RefSourceSystemEndSystem


      The same systems could appear under both the Source and End system. So what I would like to output is a visualization of the entire list of systems and then to show the relationships between them based on the Reference ID. The output would not have to visualize what the source system is and what the end system is, it would just need to show that reference 12345 moved between SystemA & SystemB.


      In theory, the systems would be represented as circles, the size of the circles would be determined by the amount of transaction references that it is involved in. The circles would then be connected to each other by lines with the Trn Ref quoted.


      I've attached a (badly drawn) idea of what I would like the output to look like but I am skeptical that it is achievable in Qlikview but any alternatives would be greatly appreciated.


      I am not looking for a full solution here, merely to understand whether something like this is feasible as I am unable to find much information online about representing relationships as visuals.


      Many thanks for any help / ideas.