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    Is SSL secure enough?

      I'm working with some medical related data, so obviously security is a top concern. Currently, we have our dashboard available on the Access Point which is hidden behind a VPN. However, some of our users can't the VPN due to their company's network policy. To use the VPN, they have to disconnect from their office LAN and then use a Verizon MiFi card to access the internet and can only use the VPN on the MiFi card. Of course, the MiFi card is too slow so users are rarely using the dashboard.


      We would like to implement SSL instead of VPN for these users so that way they can use their faster ethernet connection to directly login. How can I use SSL with IIS on a Windows 2012 server? Is SSL secure enough that we can let users connect to the dashboard, and control their login with Windows/Qlikview?