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    calculations in pivot table expressions

    Rhona Corcoran



      I am trying to put in a calculated dimension in a pivot table.  I have one done with a sum that works great as follows:



      =If(Discharges=3, 'Day Case', If(Discharges=5, 'Inpatient Discharges', if(Aggr(Sum(Outpatients='3' or Outpatients='4'),ActualValue),'No. of Outpatient Attendances',Null())))

      but now I am trying to  put in the following in a different pivot table and can't get it right:

      =if([Rates of Readmission]='5'*100/([Rates of Readmission]='6'),ActualValue),'No of emergency readmissions',Null())

      any help would be appreciated

      Thanks in advance