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    Performance Qlikview Server SR7

    Ronald Bertele

      In the last week the company installed the last version of Qlikview Serve (SR7) in new machine.


      The machine is 2 processors Intel Xeon E7-4890 v2 and 1,00 TB (ram) and the Windows 2008 R2 SP1.


      When we are in the ranges of peak usage (150 users) the application was slow and occur several errors in event viewer in the Qlikview WebServer Component.


      The errors are below:


      QvWebServer = Request failed: m_Comm.Receive() received zero bytes.

      QvWebServer = Request failed: The communication with QlikView Server failed (TimedOut)!


      The first error occur every five seconds.


      Can anyone help me?


      Thank you.

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          Chris Rice

          This almost looks like a networking issue.  Is everything installed on one machine?  Are the QVWs hosted on that same machine?  Do you see any errors in the Events, Performance, or Sessions logs?

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              Ronald Bertele

              Hello Chris,


              I verified the server and didn't have occured errors.


              The max of capacity usage was 40%, but in this scenario the application was slow.


              I have a great doubts with a BIOS configuraration, because I read post that NUMA parameter is essencial to make performance, but this processor model has four kinds of configuration:


              ONE (1-way)

              ONE (2-way)

              OFF (4-way)

              OFF (8-way)


              Qlik recommends NUMA OFF, but which one?


              Thank you.


              Kind regards

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                  Chris Rice

                  It's actually set in the Settings.ini file:


                  The setting must be set in the Settings.ini file as a [Settings 7] entry:

                  • EnableNumaRoundRobin=0

                  EnableNumaRoundRobin states since QV11.2 SR2

                  0 (default): Automated state where QlikView Server at startup detects whether NUMA is enabled or disabled at certain hardware and adapts to it. If NUMA is enabled QlikView Server will ignore NUMA nodes when allocating memory.

                  1: QlikView Server  is acting as if NUMA is enabled from BIOS (without any attempts to detect it)

                  2: QlikView Server will not ignore NUMA nodes if present (i.e. NUMA enabled)


                  The Settings.ini file can be found in the following location:

                  Windows Server 2003

                  C:\Document and Settings\All Users\Application Data\QlikTech\QlikViewServer

                  Windows Server 2008 and later

                  C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\QlikViewServer for Windows 2008 and later !