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    Trendline defined by expression in combo chart


      I have bar chart expressing volume of cars saled in specific categories. I want to create something like a trendline showing the change of sales between the two years.


      So I will have bars with values and trendline over it with percentual expression of change between those two years.


      I think, that the best solution for me is to create two expressions within the combo chart with the second expression showed as line.


      But my "trend line" in combo chart is showed like a flat line on the "bottom"... I made another chart, using the expression showed as a line, set background to transparent ant put it over the first chart. - It is OK, easy to adjust etc... but it is horrible solution, actually it is not a real solution.


      Please can anybody help me with this?


      What I want to get within one chart is like this one:


      BAR CHART:

      Dim.: Year, Segment,

      Exp.: Count(VIN)



      Dim.: Segment


      2012 = Count({<[Year]={'2012'}>} [VIN]) (not showed)

      2013 = Count({<[Year]={'2013'}>} [VIN]) (not showed)

      Variance = [2013]-[2012] (not showed)

      Va12 = Variance/[2012] (showed) - Number set to number, showed in %


      Do you have any suggestions how to format, or create "my trendline" ??


      Thank you!!


      P.S.: do not paste QV files - I dont have licensed version of QV yet, so I am unable to open your apps. Thx