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    BI tool

      If you are looking for Business Intelligence tool what are the thing's are mandatory.

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          deepak tibhe

          Hello Anna,


          every BI tool has its own strength as well as drawbacks.

          For eg in qlikview we can able to access data by just opening QVW file there is no need of continuous db connection like cognos.

          Drawback like there is no write back to database

          It seems very difficult to tell u answer to this ques.



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              Hi Deepak,

              Thanks for your reply,

              Im asking want do you want in BI Tool?

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                  deepak tibhe

                  Hi anna,


                  Any BI tool should be

                  Easy to use

                  Easy to learn

                  If you want to do some new changes it should not be time consuming mean u can make changes easily and qlickly as per requirement

                  It should not too costly

                  It should able to connect multiple data sources without any problem.

                  Response time should be better

                  Because after creation of any dashboard end user at least should have some idea how to handle it.





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                Avinash R

                1.Easy to use.

                2.Low cost.

                3. Handling multiple task like ETL, data transformation,rich UI, Fastness.