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    Leasing a license from server

      Hi I have few questions about leasing licenses from a server:


      1. Is there a limit of licenses you can lease?

      2. Does the leasing effecting any how on the users using the models on the server?

      3. Is there any log created of leased licenses?

      4. Does administrator must approve a lease or it is done without it?


      Thank You.

        • Re: Leasing a license from server

          1. One user can Lease a License on 2 Systems in 24 hours

          2. No, a Named User will have no effect, he can use his license on the Server for open any application as normal

          3. Last Lease etc. are stored in the PGO files

          4. It has to be configured that first Lease is allowed on the server and second the User gets a Named User CAL