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    Expression with several distict selections



      I am new to qlikview and trying to learn how to make extresssions.

      I am trying to combine to different extression bu I do not know how:


      My expressions is

      if (GetSelectedCount([RäkÅr])<>1,
      Sum({<[RäkÅr]={$(=max([RäkÅr])-1)} >} Belopp)/1000,
      Sum({<[RäkÅr]={$(=RäkÅr-1)}>} Belopp)/1000)




      =((sum({<[Rrnummer] = {4}>} Belopp))/1000)


      What I am trying to do is that I want a pivottable that will give my only values from "Rrnummer=4) no matter and from a "Räkår" that is one  less than the present one.


      If anyone could help me how to write this expression it would be helpful.


      Thank you