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    Item textures in legend.

      Hi guys,


      Not sure if you can help me I had a legend colours determined by formulas , what I wanted to do was to have a stripy colour only for a particular item in the legend is this possible ?




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          Senarath Bandara Herath

          Hi Sarah,


          I also wanted same and could not find a way out. I guess we may have to wait for few of future version upgrades.



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            Josh Good

            At this point only solid colours are possible. Typically it is best practice to use solid colours in order to keep the visualization clean and easy to read.  Would you mind sharing why you'd like a stripy colour so I can share your use case with our products team?



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              Michael Tarallo

              Hello Sarah - though it is not possible to provide a "stripy color" for a particular dimensional value, you can however provide a custom color if you wanted a value to stand out - by using the color by expression option in the properties panel.


              (providing this information for those that come across this type of question and wondering how to color by formula / expression)


              For example - you can us the following with HTML color names


              pick(match("OICA region", 'Africa', 'Americas', 'AOME', 'Europe'), 'springgreen', 'lightskyblue', 'violet', 'lightsalmon' )


              or an appropriate RGB value - using rgb(255,255,255,) - for example.


              I used this in the screen shot below




              8-7-2014 5-10-06 AM.jpg


              Hope this is helpful - in case you need it.


              Mike T