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    bug in table box?

    Stefano Marson


      I developed a .qvw file with QlikView Desktop release 11.2. You can see the document in attach.
      There are two tables:
      FATTI with 69 records (66 distinct records)
      PREVISIONI with 37635 records (10942 distinct records).

      KEY field associates tables.

      Values in FATTI.KEY and in PREVISIONI.KEY have not intersection.

      I add a table box "FATTI e PREVISIONI" with all table fields.

      I thought that the "FATTI e PREVISIONI" had 11008 record: 66 distinct records by FATTI and 10942 distinct records by PREVISIONI. Instead, the table shows 10942 distinct records, those in the table PREVISIONI.

      What is the matter?

      Thanks in advance