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    no match for qualifier XXXX found among resources

    Shane Spencer

      I've got a test environment with users in 2 Domains, HBEU and HBAP on Active Directory. When users in the HBEU domain try to log on to Access Point they get the following pop-up:

      Windows Security error.jpg

      It doesn't even work if they enter their credentials in the above pop-up. However HBAP users can get on to Access Point without issues (no pop-up).


      I've had a look in the Directory Service Connector logs and found the following several times:


      Warning    Search: no match for qualifier HBAP found among resources


      I've checked the set-up in QMC and it matches our other services which are running fine for both groups of users.


      DSC setup.jpg


      As anyone got any suggestions on how to resolve? Or what the issue might be exactly?


      edit: Corrected the domains as I was originally given incorrect info about which was problematic.