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    How can I heap in a second dimension?

      Hi, everyone!


      I need to solve this problem and can't think of a solution.


      I have this graph:




      I need to heap the second quarter (2ºTri/2010) plus first (when user select first and second quarter, I need to heap the sales - in this case, 12.275 in the first quarter and 12.275 + 12.504 in the second quarter). There's the option "Accumulation" in the "Expression" tab, but when I select this option, it's heap by Administrator (Administradora), like this:




      The definiton of this expression is: "=SUM(QTD_COTAS_SUBSCRITAS)"

      Dimensions: Nome_Administradora_UF (name of administrator) and trimestreAno_BC (quarter and year)


      Can someone help me?