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    Load column from Excel With missing values

      Hello everybody


      I have a problem with a load script


      I have a fact table with all the information and I need to add a colunm from a Excel File. The problem is that some of the data in the table not apear in the excel File. Example


      Fact table (prior Join)









      ITEM          ITEM_KEY

      00001          101001   

      00004          101004

      00005          101005


      Fact table (With a simple Join)

      ITEM          ITEM_KEY

      00001          101001

      00002          -

      00003          -   

      00004          101004

      00005          101005


      What I need is, if the value item is in the exel (relation table) the field in ITEM_KEY needs to be equal to the value in the excel, but if the value is not in the Excel the Load need to pass the value of the ITEM column. The result I need for the load is the next:


      ITEM           ITEM_KEY

      00001          101001 (This value is from the Excel)

      00002           00002 (This value is from the Item column form the same fact table)

      00003           00003 (This value is from the Item column form the same fact table)

      00004          101004 (This value is from the Excel)

      00005          101005 (This value is from the Excel)


      Can anyone could help me