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    Application Case Study for Self-Service Discovery.

      I can go along with QlikView.Next(QlikSense) and it's themes like Mobility with Agility, Compulsive Collaboration and others. After doing so much of market analysis, facing customers demand then only QlikTech invested on QlikSense. I'm looking for a application case study which is demanding Self-Service Discovery rather than mobility with agility, compulsive collaborations and other themes.


      Please, direct me to the answers.




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          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce


          I think that mto did an excellent job in this thread you started Self-Service Visualization with QlikSense on QlikCloud - Is it a threat to Developers?

          But when your work makes you spend several hours in front of a computer, and you don't have technical skills because you don't have to, and your data sources are complex... and maybe you don't even know what a data source is, then you may be looking for a completely built, guided app that helps you in the analysis of your data.

          Then, once you already have the chart in front of you, you may decided that you can change the color of the chart, make symbols bigger, and probably add another axis to your sales by type of product.

          But the key for me here is that someone already built that app for you, to help you browse and discover with your data.


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              I can understand the features of QlikSense, as said by QlikTech that decision makers discover their own answers on the spot (by collaborating and ...), rather than one from Guided Analytics. What i'm looking for is, an application case study which is explaining the need of self-service data discovery and how QlikSense meets up that need.

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                  Michael Tarallo

                  Hi Vijay,


                  Look around any, ANY, business or organization that has departments of "people" that need answers - and their is your case study. Some use predefined applications that have been built for them, others want to create their own and possibly do so with traditional spreadsheet tools like Excel or other data visualization tools. Self-service Business Intelligence has been around for many years, it just has evolved...and with Sense that is the next phase in this evolution of self-service BI.


                  Prior to data discovery type tools, self-service BI presented itself using difficult to use desktop database tools and Excel mostly and possibly prepared interfaces that were commonly known as parameterized reports. (These were simple selection interfaces in HTML pages that passed SQL queries with variable substitution to predefined data sets charts and tables.) Those approaches worked and did what they needed to, but still left questions unanswered and required assistance from technical staff. The BI vendors answered this problem by building MORE tools and interfaces in their traditional stack for what they called Ad hoc repoting and/or OLAP analysis. Which is another step in the evolving world of self-service BI. From then, they started to improve on them offering them in thin client web-based interfaces, along with visual charting and perhaps text and graphic content. However these were usually - pretty front-ends on top of the older SQL query-based technology. Which still required metadata and predefined setups. (I know this - as I worked for a few BI companies.)


                  With Qlik Sense - knowledge workers are not restricted by inflexible spreadsheet tools or predefined canned reports or technical bottlenecks.They can access their "data" and create content as they need it and share it easily. While at the same time offering the speed of our in-memory associative indexing engine. Enabling them to answer new questions they didn't have before they started.  If you want to add Governance, Security, Management etc. then when Qlik Sense Server is released, that is the next phase to this evolution.


                  Vijay - self-service has been around for some time, it has just evolved with Sense offering the speed and flexibility that people have grown to love with QlikView.


                  If you would like any more information, I suggest you contacted one of our representatives so they can take the appropriate time with you to answer all your questions.




                  Mike Tarallo