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    How to use Qlikview Variable as output folder in NPrinting?

    Gökhan Yüksel

      Hello everyone,


      I try to export PDF reports using NPrinting. I would like to use QV variable as output folder which seems finely offered by NPrinting. However I could not make it working so far...


      Let's say i would like to create a subfolder for each country and export the corresponding reports into that folder (eg. all reports related to Germany go to folder "Germany"). So I have a QV variable named "Land" which is defined as GetCurretField(Land) where "Land" is the field which has the country names.

      When i run the task in NPrinting, unfortunately it creates only one folder named "-".

      So what do i do it wrong? How could i use a QV variable which has a dynamic value in NPriting?


      I am quite beginner on NPrinting so any advices will be appreciated.