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    when i select mth=2 yr=2014 it How to make it sum from 2013 jan till 2014 Feb ?

    Yeo Poh sai

      Set command how to make it can sum sales from date i click ?



      Hi All



      I have the SET expression , which is half okay :-



      sum({$<year = {">=$(=max(year),4)"}, month = {"<=$(=max({<year={$(=max(year))}>} month))"}>}[TOTAL_AMT]/1000)



      Can some one help to modify the expression , so that it can sum from date i selected.



      Now when i select year=2014 & month = Feb , it will sum from :-

      2014 jan till Feb

      2013 Jan till Feb



      what i need is it will sum :-

      2014 jan till Feb

      2013 Jan till Dec