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    Replacing Null/Missing with Numeric zero for 2 dimentions

      Hello All,

      I have a pivot table with one vertical dimension and one horizontal dimension. There is a situation where a specific combination of

      dimensional values is not represented in the data but still has a cell in the pivot table. Both

      dimensional fields exists in the same data model table. Hence, i am getting type of missing values with just one data model table and two dimensional fields.

      look at the example below:-


      In the example shown in the picture, there are amounts for all quarters in 2011 but not for Q3 and

      Q4 2012. When the pivot table is calculated, an algorithm loops over all records in the database.

      Since there are no data records for the last two quarters, the consequence is that the expression is

      never calculated for these cells (middle and rightmost tables).


      Is there a way if i could replace the MISSING(-) values with Numeric 0? May be through set analysis?


      Thanks a lot for the help.


      Kind Regards,