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    Change of Domain Name on the QLIKVIEW Server

    Chee Hang Lim

      Dear All,


      I would like to find out would there be any impact if i change the domain name on the qlikview server to point to a new domain server?


      Any important thing i should take note? Please advise. Thank you

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          Mohammed Ashfaq Ali



          You have to take care of below points depending on your environment.


          First of all, does it include the user running QlikView server services?

          In this case, you need to change that ( run services.msc on the server to check and change the users)


          On the server, first you need to change your users cals. you may have problems with the quarantine. When you remove a user, the user cal will only be available after 24 hours.

          If you also have documents cals, you need to to to each document on the document settings and change the users there.


          If you use DMS, you will need to change all the document authorizations.


          If you have section access based on the domain name, you will need to fix that on all the documents.




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            Bill Britt



            Are you going to do away with the current domain? If not why not setup a trust between the domains?



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                nihal n

                I would like to get some advise on my below scenario and it's some what relating to this thread.

                We have a QlikView Server 11.2 installed on machine A and I have to re-locate the QlikView services from old machine to new machine.


                To achieve this, currently I am following the document (QV11 Upgrade and Migration Document.pdf) starting from section 5 (from page number 30) BUT I also need to change the "Domain name" while re-installing the QV Server on machine B.


                Will it impact anything if I change the Domain name instead of using the old Domain name? can I able to migrate everything even after changing the Domain name or will I face any authentication issues?


                Please give me some information on how to handle this situation.