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    Remove Single User Data who opened the app

      Hi All,


      I have a requirement where in I have to remove the single row data , I know I can get the username by QV.OSuser to get the username and neglect him in all the expressions and Dimensions and come up with.


      Issue here is my app is all ready, This is a requirement that just came, I just wanted to know where I can make single change such that it reflects in all tab and charts.


      PS: I DON't WANT to RELOAD the app,but just to exclude the data of the user who opens it.


      Example :


      If jane uses the app I don't want him to see Jane data alone, but he can see all the persons data.Basically I am working for rating data so I basically I don't want any one to see their own data before it is officially announce. I know still he can asks someone to open it but still :-) that's the requirement is


      kalyandg jagan QlikView Section Access Examples