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    Make an expression for last years period



      Since this forum is so helpfull I try agin for som help.


      I have two expression that is working  well:



      Sum({$< PD = {'>=$(startPD) <=$(vCurrentPD)'}>} Belopp )



      Sum({<[År]={$(=max([År])-1)} >} Belopp),
      Sum({<[År]={$(=År-1)}>} Belopp))

      I alos have this with a selection in it


      if (GetSelectedCount([År])<>1,
      -Sum({<[Rrnummer] = {16}, [År]={$(=max([RäkÅr])-1)} >} Belopp)/1000,
      -Sum({<[Rrnummer] = {16}, [År]={$(=RäkÅr-1)}>} Belopp)/1000)




      The first one gives me the the sum until august (PD=8)

      This works no matter what selection I do in year (=År)


      The second gives me the sum for last year but of cours all PD in last year.


      That want to do is to combin this so I will show last years belopp until current PD


      Any ideas of How to combine these?