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    Ignoring a field selection with set analysis



      I have a problem with ignoring a field selection within a set analysis. Still quite new to Qlikview so hoping to find some answers here.

      I have 2 tabels one is a date table which holds 2 date, year, month, week and day fields. (send and receive date)

      The date fields are also both present in my 2nd table which holds transfers between 2 point. Each transfer has a send date and receive date.

      I now have a chart where I want to show 2 values; amount send & amount received. For the amount send I want to use the send date and ignore the receive date. However I tried to use the following expressions without succes:

      Sum ( {$< DATE_RECEIVED= >} AMOUNT_SEND) This should ignore the selection in DATE_RECEIVED however the amount shown is incorrect.

      Sum ( {$<DATE_RECEIVED= P({1<DATE_SEND>}) > } AMOUNT_SEND) I also tried getting the possible values of DATE_SEND by using the P method with the same result, incorrect amount shown.


      Any help or advice would be appreciated

        • Ignoring a field selection with set analysis
          Muzammil Syed


          You can instead try using

          Sum ( {1<P(The fields you want your selections to change) >} AMOUNT_SEND).

          Eg: Sum({1<Year=P(Year),Id=P(Id)>} AMOUNT_SEND).





          • Ignoring a field selection with set analysis
            Neil Miller

            The syntax on your first expression is correct. That should give you the total AMOUNT_SEND while ignoring any selections on DATE_RECEIVED. Are you sure you are making the selection on DATE_RECEIVED? If you have other date fields related to DATE_RECEIVED (Month, Day, Year, etc) those would have to be handled separately.

            Try clearing all your selections. Not the value. Then make a selection in DATE_RECEIVED. The value should be the same.

            Try making a text box with the value: =GetSelectedCount(DATE_RECEIVED). That should tell you if selections have been made on that field.

              • Ignoring a field selection with set analysis

                Thanks for the replies.

                NMiller your reply got me thinking into the right direction.There were no actual selections being made on the date fields themselves. The possible values where just being limited by the selection of a year and month fields.

                I used to following syntax to get the values I actually want to display:

                =sum ( {1< DATE_SEND = P(DATE_SEND) >} AMOUNT_SEND )

                This ignores any selections, this way I do not need to specify ignoring all the selections of year, month, etc, while also getting the set of possible values for my send_date.