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    Change the relative path

      Hello everyone,


      In my organisation, each developper has the same folder struture : one for the csv files, one for the qvd that are created and so on...


      Once they have finished their application, I paste them on the server on which there is the same folder structure.


      So we use relative path in the script.


      For example, we have :


      LOAD * FROM


      (ooxml, embedded labels, table is global);


      for a file located in : D:\Qlikview_Data\Source\booking.xlsx'



      The thing is that I have created another folder in the Source folder so now, the path to go to the booking file is




      So I modified the script consequently:


      LOAD * FROM


      (ooxml, embedded labels, table is global);


      the error is "impossible to open  " : 'D:\Qlikview_Data\Extract\..Source\Source_book\booking.xlsx'



      Why does QV search the file into D:\Qlikview_Data\Extract\..Source\Source_book\booking.xlsx  instead of :


      D:\Qlikview_Data\Source\Source_book\booking.xlsx ????



      I hope I am clear.


      Thank you for your help