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    QMS API Help C#

    Brian Helms

      I am just starting to play around with the QMC API using C# and have successfully ran a few test scripts. I am looking to create a simple application that can list the current tasks, what category it falls into, and what jobs are scheduled to run after this task finishes. Something like below. I am able to write a simple console application that lists all of the tasks, and seperately lists all of the categories, but linking them together I have not figured out. And then trying to tie that into which jobs trigger other jobs is seeming over my head. I am very new at this but would like to learn. Any help is appreciated.


      Category: Admin

      Task 1: ABC Reload

           Task 1.1: ABC Publish

                Task 1.2 DEF Reload

                     Task 1.3 DEF Publish


      Category: Adhoc

      Task 2: GHI Reload

           Task 2.1 GHI Publish


      Category: Default

      Task 3 JKL Reload

           Task 3.1 JKL Publish

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          Erik Gustafsson

          Hi Brian,


          Have you checked out the Power Tools - QMS API Tool? Perhaps it can help you list and test all available commands. Power Tools 1.2 for QlikView




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              Brian Helms

              Thanks Erik,


              This is helpful, and I was able to get a bit further, but still haven't quite figured out how to get the tasks exactly as I am looking for. I can see what task triggers the next task, but haven't yet figured out how to link them all together in a chain or treeview.

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              Brian Helms

              I am getting closer, but am stuck and am hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I have created a function that is getting the category and the first level tasks and it is working fine. What I am having a problem with is getting the next level, and continuing down to the last task. I am new at programming in c#, so any help is appreciated.


              Here is my function. I apologize the formatting might not come through as nice with the copy paste.


                      public void Tree_View(QMSClient Client)
                          List<string> CategoriesList = new List<string>();
                          List<string> TaskList = new List<string>();
                          List<string> FirstTask = new List<string>();
                          List<string> NextTask = new List<string>();

                          //Get All Categories
                          IList<Category> categories = Client.GetCategories(CategoriesScope.Used);

                          //Get qdsID
                          ServiceInfo[] myServices = Client.GetServices(ServiceTypes.All);
                          Guid qdsGuid = myServices[1].ID;
                          Guid qdsId = new Guid(qdsGuid.ToString());
                          //End qdsID

                          //Create TreeView
                          TreeNode ParentNode = new TreeNode();
                          ParentNode.Text = "Parent";
                          ParentNode.Name = "Parent";

                          //Finding All Categories
                          IList<TaskInfo> taskInfoList = Client.GetTasks(qdsId);

                          for (int x = 0; x < taskInfoList.Count; x++)
                              Guid taskId = new Guid(taskInfoList[x].ID.ToString());
                              QMSAPIService.TaskStatus taskStatus = Client.GetTaskStatus(taskId, TaskStatusScope.All);
                              TaskList.Add(taskStatus.Extended.Category + "." + taskStatus.General.TaskName);
                              if (!taskStatus.Extended.StartTime.Contains("\""))
                                  String NextTaskStr = taskStatus.Extended.StartTime.Substring(taskStatus.Extended.StartTime.IndexOf("\"") + 1).Trim();
                                  NextTaskStr = taskStatus.General.TaskName.Trim();

                          //Removing Duplicate Categories & Tasks
                          var UniqueCategories = new HashSet<string>(CategoriesList);
                          var UniqueTasks = new HashSet<string>(TaskList);

                          //Looping to Add TreeView
                          foreach (var value in UniqueTasks)
                              String CatSubStr = value.Substring(0, value.IndexOf(".")).Trim();

                              //If Category Doesn't Exist Add It As The First Child Node
                              if (!ParentNode.Nodes.ContainsKey(CatSubStr))
                                  TreeNode ChildNode1 = new TreeNode();
                                  ChildNode1.Name = CatSubStr;
                                  ChildNode1.Text = CatSubStr;

                                  foreach (var value2 in UniqueTasks)
                                      String CatSubStr2 = value2.Substring(0, value2.IndexOf(".")).Trim();
                                      String TaskSubStr2 = value2.Substring(value2.IndexOf(".") + 1).Trim();

                                      //If The Task Hasn't Been Added, And Is In This Category, Add It
                                      if (!ChildNode1.Nodes.ContainsKey(TaskSubStr2) & CatSubStr == CatSubStr2)
                                          TreeNode NextChildNode1 = new TreeNode();
                                          TreeNode NextSubChildNode = new TreeNode();

                                          if (FirstTask.Contains(TaskSubStr2))
                                              NextChildNode1.Name = TaskSubStr2;
                                              NextChildNode1.Text = TaskSubStr2;