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    Setting up an email alert

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I am just now taking on more and more administrative tasks on the QV_Server. I have at last access to the most important log_files. Generally, though, I have no access to the company_server (where the QV_Server is hosted)

      => The next step would be to set up an email_alert so myself and a colleague, who is also looking after QV, are informed whenever an automatic reload of any app fails.

      The question is: How can I find out what exactly I have to type in the field >> Hostname <<?`

      There are radio_buttons for the account which to use - I can enter my own credentials there, can't I? I don't know which server the email_accounts are hosted, though - probably not our company_server, email is more global. It would be more elegant to use the fictitous user all the reloads are done by, but it will be challenging to get an email_account for that ...

      Thanks a lot!


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