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    A Multimedia Company's console

    Evan Kurowski

      In going for something that would be a place where the end-user wanted to linger, the hope was spending time at work wouldn't be boring and dull, rather exciting and compelling.  If there is to be hundreds of hours spent interacting with an interface, give it your best take on freshness and flow.   Can an intersection of style and sophistication be pretty on the outside, with horsepower under the hood?


      Someone at Qonnections a few years back taught how to hook up multi-media content to the Windows media player and the button in the center will actually launch the media file in Media Player.  The end user can then navigate over to the reporting pages and find out how sales of that particular content or artists are doing.


      Seemed it would offer a clean way for a media companies to merge curation of their catalogs and artistic content, while getting QlikView analytics of how that content was performing, the how, when, where of revenue and royalty originations.