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    Patters in bar chart

    Zoia Dreichner



      I have the one-dimension bar chart with 25 bars (one for each branch). The bars should be colored in 4 colors (4 categories of branch). It's good - i use the background color for the expressions:


      if (category = 1, black(),

           if(category = 2, red(),

                if (category = 3, blue(),

                     if (category = 4, green())))).


      Now, I must use patterns instead of color and I can't ... If I select (Chart Properties: Colors) "Use patterns instead of colors" without "multicolored", all bars are gray, if I select "multicolored", all bars are different, but they are more as 4 different patterns...

      Version in color:                                                             Version in patters:



      Is it possible to use patterns in the properties of the expressions? Or can i select the 4 patterns for the 4 categories (and not 18 colors/patterns for 25 branches).


      Best Regards, Zoia