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    Export full table

      Hi All,

      In our ajax client, we want to give users the possibility to export a full table to excel without showing it in the report (we want to export all the rows and display only part of them in the report). we have a large tables with thousands of rows that our clients needs and it takes a very long time to display them  (sometimes we even have time out).  we think that this may help us to deal with with that problem. I also know that macro doesn't work in Ajax.


      Can someone please advise? thanks!

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          Marcus Sommer

          Not tested in AJAX but in IE-Plugin the export from a minimized table is the same how a normal table.


          Another Possibility could be to simplify your data-model and/or expressions to reduce the calculations-effort.


          - Marcus

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            Jerry Svensson

            Macros do work in Ajax, altough not all and they run serverside.

            I would create a share that QVS and the users can access. Then use ServerSideExportEx to create Excelfiles.

            There are examples in the API guide.

            For instance:

            set tb = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("CH01")

            tb.ServerSideExportEx "\\<share>\test.xls" , ";" , 5 '0=HTML, 1=Text, 2=Bitmap, 3=XML, 4=QVD, 5=BIFF

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              Jonathan Dienst

              QV will still need to recalculate the data for the export.


              It sounds like your data model may be the problem and it would be better to fix this rather than work around it. Any model with 000s of rows should not have performance problems running on desktop or server. I have many models with millions of rows that recalculate quickly on the desktop and even quicker on the server.