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    Qlik Sense - is it just a lightweight QV with a questionable future?

    Nenad Vukovic

      Just to give you some background. I have been implementing a QV system and apps since 2011 in a multisite, multinational, multicurrency and multilanguage division and have been serving around 50% of my time as the one-man-band, meaning upgrading the server (from 9 to 11.20 SR6), developing, designing, educating myself and users and maintaining tens of QVapps. The rest of my time was filled in supporting users across division with an ERP system and a few Oracle applications (HFM, Demantra).


      Since the availability of QV.next 0.90 and 0.95 and now of Qlik Sense, I played with a bit, I have a feeling this is, currently, like a lightweight version of QV/Tableau (as I can read, but am not familiar) or those old OLAP apps. It is nice users can drag-and-drop dimensions and, in advance prepared, measures but this will create a mess in an organization. In my 3 years of implementing QV in various countries in the EMEA and AP regions I haven't met a single user interested enough to learn and build his/her own objects. Maybe just because they were able to play with cycle-groups and pivot tables I developed for them to answer their questions.


      And those (pivot tables and cycle-groups to mention just a few) are not currently available in Qlik Sense. I am not interested in workarounds as they exist in QV and should be re-developed in Qlik Sense as well. I mean, one would expect that a new tool has at least all key features available in its predecessor or role model and on top of that a few new.


      I am also very sorry that we can only import scripts and have to build from scratch the front-end (to be honest, not from scratch but, hopefully, copy-paste formulas and properties if they all exist in Qlik Sense, as re-developing them all will be a great waste of time) with hundreds of sheets and objects of different type.


      I understand this is not QV 12 and both will have separate development paths until gradually converged in the future into one product, but this is going to take a lot more time than anticipated. Qlik Sense is, for me, still a beta release and hope QV will not lose its strong focus in QlikTech.


      Hopefully all current QV customers will stay in the Qlik world and a lot new ones will join us in the future. I do hope so, as I like QV a lot. It is just that there is no that "wow" effect with Qlik Sense as you can still get from QV.


      Maybe I missed a point or two here but this is how I feel.


      Thank you