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    Report at QVW correct but QVW read QVD data report wrong.

    Yeo Poh sai

      Hi All , I have a QVW FILE 1  when I generate the P&L report it work fine. 



      Above QVW file will generate a QVD file.



      And I have another QVW file 2 which is consist of all report table and chart . Will read the above QVD data.



      Now my problem is QVW file 2  the table figure is wrong. It should be same as QVW FILE 1 report which is correct.



      I have many table and report at QVW FILE 2 which is correct.



      Any hints to trouble shoot ?




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          Evan Kurowski

          Hello Paul,


          To test, I would reload the QVD generated by QVWFILE1 back into QVWFILE1 to make sure it isn't an issue with the QVD export/import step.  Right after the step in QVW FILE 1 where you STORE to QVD, DROP the table and then reload from QVD:



          LOAD  ...

          FROM pl source;




          //After writing the table to QVD, drop it from the data model and replace it with QVD loaded version

          DROP TABLE [PL_TABLE];




          //Don't reuse original table name, keep the rename steps, because dropping and re-adding the same table name often

          //causes suffix like [PL_TABLE-1]



          Let the rest of the script finish, your final data model should be exactly the same.  If the numbers in the P&L report do not change after you finish reloading QVWFILE1 while incorporating the QVD, then it looks like QVWFILE1 and the QVD export are not the problem.  The problem lies with QVWFILE2 and may mean the chart attributes do not mirror the way they are assigned in QVWFILE1 or there are variable definitions that have changed.

          If however upon completion of reload of QVWFILE1 that now reads from the QVD, you find that your P&L numbers have changed, then it may be an issue with data type reinterpretation upon reload from QVD. (i.e. check that the metadata tags for the calculation fields between QVWFILE1 and QVWFILE2 are not changing).