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    Sort Priority Column Bug

    Carlos Casals Vilar



      I have a problem with the published version. I set up a sort column priorities but to get on the website and make a recharge via publisher the pre-settings are not maintained.

      However, their behavior is not stable because it does not happen in all tables.

      I've done a lot of combinations several times but no one has an effect.


      By the way, I am currently developing on the SR5 version, it may be a bug in the version?


      Any ideas?

        • Re: Sort Priority Column Bug
          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

          Hi Carlos,

          There are some bugs documented and fixed in SR6 and SR7 related to sorting. However, I'm not sure if I understand your issue: you build a QVW file and sort a column in a chart. Then you publish this app to the Server and what you see is different to what you stored?

          • Are you using section access?
          • Are you using calculated dimensions or sorting by expression?
          • Is that a straight table or a pivot table?
          • Are you able to manually sort the chart using the double click in the label of the column in the Ajax client?