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    Change of Script from .xlsx to .txt empty fields

    Wolfgang Mohr

      Hi Folks,
      for reasons of simplyfication I changed the Import file / script from *.xlsx to *.txt


      Now it noticed that *.txt has another Approach to empty fields in the file.


      Whereas <Rechnung={"*"}> gives me on Basis *.xlsx only those fields which are not empty,
      this formula gives me on Basis *.txt also those which are empty.


      The formula <Rechnung={"?*"}> will return only those fields which are not empty in *.txt.


      The *.txt fields are also giving me the 'empty value' as selection possibility, which is not the
      case in *.xlsx files.


      Here the bottom of the script:
      RS Files\RS Startup Auftrag.TXT]
      (txt. Codepage is 1252, no Labels, delimiter is '\t', msq);


      I labelled it the way that:  @23 as Rechnung



      Please assist, thank you so much in advance!