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    Need help on Section Access

    Simson Devadoss Anbalagan

      Hi All,


      Existing Scenario: I have a hierarchy level from top level to bottom as given below:


      HomeOffice User --> Regional Leader --> RDO --> RDS --> Regional Sales Mgr --> Division Mgr

      Section Access is based on Flag column. If Flag=1 the user is Home Office User and he should be able to view the whole data without any restriction. If Flag=0 then it falls under other 5 levels and they should be able to view their revenue data alone and also who falls under them. Section Access is based on Organization_ID.

      The above scenario works fine.


      New Scenario to be implemented: If Home office user and Regional Leader enters they should be able to view the Private & Public button but if other 4 level of users enters they should view only the public button.

      Need help urgently...Any ideas or solutions are welcome..