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    Can't narrow straight table further without narrowing columns?

    Steve Lord

      Hi, Is there a way for me to make qlikview let me make a straight table as wide or narrow as I like without having to first crunch individual column widths?  I want the table to be maybe 700 wide, to have primary data in some of the columns and a variety of location/granular columns out on the end in case anyone wants to export that information.  Problem is I have to make headers 3 lines high and crunch columns to too-narrow widths to get the straight table to let me resize it down to 1000 wide and it's hideous.


      How can I just have half the stuff visible, and a scrollbar to go over to the other half of the stuff on the straight table?


      Main issue is limited screenspace for end users, and I'm happy to have the different tables and selections visible, and fine with scrollbars for lower priority fields in some of the tables.  Other issue is I have graphs and other nice objects all around and I don't want to spend hours rearranging six tabs when I just wanted to add four or five more secondary info fields to six straight tables.


      I can do this with table boxes, but I don't want to do expressions in scripts to convert these straight tables to table boxes.  Really a pain and hoping someone knows the solution.



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          Chart properties > Layout > uncheck 'Size to Data - this will allow for a static table size. Scroll bar should appear automatically when the amount of data exceeds the space allocated for the chart.

          For graphical charts - Chart properties > Presentation > check 'Enable X-Axis Scrollbar' and play with the 'When Number of Items Exceeds:' option to make it look the way you want it.

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              Steve Lord

              This should work in theory, but it does not.


              My object is a straight table (the chart object above or below the pivot table option in the chart->General tab)

              It has 6 dimensions on the left and 4 expressions on the right, size to data unchecked, and width of around 580.

              When I drop in another dimension, width pops out to around 614.  When I drop in more dimensions, width pops out further and further.

              I have allow move/size checked, and I can drag the width all the way out until the scroll bar disappears, but I can only bring it back in as far as qlikview will let me.


              The scroll bar seems to only operate the columns holding the expressions.  I tried to trick it by adding the new dimensions to the right of the expressions, and those can be scrolled in and out of view now, but I still can't get the width to go back down.


              The only way it lets the width go back down beyond a certain point is for me to narrow the dimension columns, which has other undesirable effects.