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    How to group to a new dimension?

      My dear friends,


      If I have a field called “city” in my source data and there are city A, B, C, D, E, F, G under it. I want to group city A and B to “east”, group C and D, E to “middle”, group F and G to “west”. And want “east”, “ middle”, “west” under a new field called “REGION”.


      Can this be achieved in Qlik sense? How shall I do? Many thanks!




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          Michael Tarallo

          Hi Edward,


          Yes it can - this can be done using the expression syntax defined in the load script - or better yet defined in a new dimension. I will attach a sample app for you shortly.



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            Michael Tarallo

            See attached .qvf file - copy to C:\Users\<your user>\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Apps and restart Sense Desktop.


            (NOTE: The LOAD Script contains sample script that is used ONLY to generate sample data for your example.
            You can do this in any app by pressing the key combination CTRL + 0 + 0 while in the Data Load Editor)


            Open Buckets App.




            Better defined as a Dimension in the app, you can used this syntax:


            Here is a simple one:




            Here is a nested one:




            (you could also use this in the load script if you wanted to like this:


            if(match(Alpha,'A','B','C','D'),'East',if(match(Alpha,'E','F','G','H'),'West','South')) as Region Bucket








            Mike T


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              Hi Mike and Josh, you are really nice. thank you a lot for your help.


              I have tried Mike's approach. it solved the problem. I had achieved what I wanted to achieve. However, I do miss tableau while I was dealing with this kind of grouping. I urge qlik to make it easier.


              I am not keen in scripting so I am sorry that I was not able to understand applymap. Sorry Josh but still appreciate your help.