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    How to use logical expressions in QlikSense Scripts ? # New to Qlik Sense

      Hi All,


      I have just started using Qliksense for the first time. Need your suggestions and advice in solving this problem.


      I have following information in two separate sheets(excel).

      • Headcount of each month (Sample Format)
        Employee IDMonth Department CodeLocationDepartment Name
        Ocwen123January 621PuneXXC
        Ocwen126February 621PuneXXC
        Ocwen123February 621PuneXXC
      • Attrition Tracker for each month(Sample Format)
      Employee IDMonthDepartment locationDepartment NameReason for Exit
      Ocwen 111January621PuneXXCPersonal
      Ocwen 112January621PuneXXCPersonal
      Ocwen 124Feb621PuneXXCPersonal


      I have to create a measure for Attrition : calculation format is described below

      • Attrition= (Total Attrition)/ (Average Headcount)
        • Attrition in January=( Attrition in January)/( Average headcount i.e. total headcount for the month of January)
          • Attrition in January=(2/3)= 66.67%
        • Attrition in February= Total Attrition in January and February/ Average Headcount( January Headcount+ February Headcount)
          • Attrition in February=(3/3.5)= 85.71 %


      It will be of great help.



      Anurag Gupta