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    Rank() Function Question

      Hi All,

      It seems I could not achieve the desired result in my Table.


      I have a Table of "Positive 1 STD Exceptions", Where each raw appear only if it is a "Positive 1 STD Exception".

      That Table includes 3 dimensions: App, Advertiser and Campaign.

      I would like to add a column as an expression labeled "Main Partner" to that table, where I will see the name of the partner which brought me the most revenue (from yesterday and belongs to  "PartnerReport", as you can see in my set analysis).


      My Expression is:

      =if([Exception type]='Positive 1 STD Exception',

      if(rank(sum({<isYesterdayDate={'1'},PartnerReport={'PartnerReport'}>} (ClickCost+InstallCost)/100)) <2, partner_name)



      However, I seem to be getting Null only as my results....


      Here is a link to my QVW, if you could kindly assist me!



      Kind Regards,