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    Sense creates two independent Taskbar icons

      This application seems to have non-standard Windows behavior when it comes to Windows 7 and the Taskbar. If I open Sense from the Start Menu it opens 3 different executables:



      QlikBrowser.exe (two processes of the same name run concurrently)


      Now the only running app in the taskbar is Qlik Sense desktop. If I pin this running app to the Taskbar (as I do for all frequently used apps) it will not launch properly from this icon the next time I use Sense. What happens is it will start two sessions of QlikBrowser.exe but QlikSense.exe is missing and no foreground window ever appears. I have to manually kill both QlikBrowser.exe processes.


      I've found that I can pin the Start Menu shortcut to QlikSense.exe to the Taskbar and it will launch Sense properly. The problem is when I do this, it launches a separate Taskbar icon so now there is the icon I pinned from the Start Menu along with a new running session of Sense Desktop.


      What is the point of this? All other Windows 7 apps that I've used (including QlikView Desktop) run the foreground session as part of the icon/shortcut that was pinned and not create a second icon for seemingly no reason. They way it works right now feels broken.